Unfinished Business

You ever watch Ted Talks? There is this one guy I cannot get out of my mind.  His name is Tim Urban, and he held a Ted Talk that was entitled “Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator”. I identify with being a procrastinator so my curiosity was peeked. What can he possibly tell me about me that I don’t already know? Watching with a fixed look of criticism, my face began to soften when I heard points that I simply could not deny. But what got me, was when he brought up a calendar of a 90 year life that was fragmented in weeks. Ya’ll. It was NOT that long. And 90 years is definitely not the life expectancy. Sooo after about 14 mintues, he wrapped up his Ted Talk by stating he was convinced that we are ALL procrastinating something and a lot of those boxes (fragmented weeks on the 90 year calendar) are already marked…so what are we… you going to do now?

Messy Rooms

Talk about conviction. But just in case you’re not convinced yet about being in this procrastination cycle, here’s a scenario

The hamper is full of clean clothes that I have yet to put away… Hmm throwing my work clothes on this chair won’t hurt. I’ll be sure to remove it before I go to sleep tonight AND put the clean clothes away…. that I washed yesterday.

Why do we lie to ourselves 🤦🏾‍♀️…

Well the scenario above could have represented your actual room. Or maybe another “room” in your life. Where clothes get stacked up and you become overwhelmed at the mess YOU made. Thankfully, I have come to a place where I see that being transparent about my “rooms” have brought about freedom and healing…and organization. Yea I know…we ALL got some cleaning to do. And it can feel like the world is on your shoulders when you get to it. So if you’re anything like me you view the mess, take a few seconds to breathe, then walk out the room and do an activity you enjoy.

Wait…were you expecting something else? That’s why I tell people all of the time to not let Facebook posts, smiling pictures, or none of that fool you. I got a bad habit of letting things pile up and THEN dealing with it when trash seems to overflow into “another room”. This is reflective in my weight goals, health goals, assignments, cleaning, following up with people, and the list goes on.

Getting to Work

But the part that concerns me the most is when it flows into my spiritual life. The things I mentioned earlier are important, but it is not a simple “let me set aside two hours to clean” task. The scary thing is when spending less and less time with the Lord feels normal.

I am usually quick to responding when the Holy Spirit gives me a task to do. Go pray for Johny Boy. Buy that old guy a sandwich. Give that stranger a ride to his home. But it is a different story when He is calling me out of sin. It is one thing to acknowledge that you are in it, but the process of coming out is…well taxing. Sometimes it feels like it takes all of my being to turn away. (Honestly, it doesn’t have to be this way. My pride and entitlement slows it. A posture of humility is necessary for this.) Thankfully, I am learning more about deliverance and what it truly means and looks like.

If you find yourself in spiritual turmoil, practicing something YOU KNOW ain’t of God, I challenge you to look at that room. Not only clean it, because anyone can do that, but search deeper as to how this pattern happens this way in the first place. Stop YOURSELF in the tracks of destructive behavior. Don’t just get on the phone expecting a pity party or a lie that the sin was small. Because it is not. Don’t go to YouTube or social media to make you feel better about it. The things happening in the spiritual realm are bigger than you can ever imagine. So. Do your future self a favor. Look at one of those rooms. And let’s get to this unfinished business together.

To God be the Glory

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