Queen in Jeans was an idea that I had while praying. The title itself came up during heavy deliberation with a close friend lol. The queen aspect speaks to your inner confidence, beauty, foundation, and power as a child of God. The jeans aspect is indicative of the casual feeling of being comfortable in who you are and who you are to become, with no pressure of “looking” a certain way.

While the title seems to be targeted towards a specific sex, it is for males and females to enjoy. All of my posts will point back to Christ in one way or another, and God isn’t sexist sooooo. Don’t be scared guys =]

You can expect to see posts on beauty (mainly makeup, makeup tips, etc. with links to my YouTube channel), plus size life hacks (certain stores just for us, etc), and last but not least, pivotal moments in my Faith Walk. Some things just aren’t discussed on Sunday, you know? Well, not in depth anyways.

I do not have one ultimate goal with this blog, but I hope that my shared experiences permeate your hearts in some sort of way. I ENCOURAGE comments so that this not only remain my blog, but yours too.

Welcome to QueeninJeans =]



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