Silly me. I thought this was just supposed to be a blog. Just supposed to be a space to share truth, questions and revelations. Been in prayer about Queen in Jeans and I was missing the point the entire time. I was focused on my entrepreneurial quests through this platform when all along, it was intended to be a ministry.

With that being said, Queen in Jeans is a ministry that exists for the purpose of pointing people back to the truth of the Gospel and where we fit in it. There will be a heavy emphasis on topics surrounding identity– who we are in Christ. My target audience is young ladies, but because our God cannot be put in a box, men and other ages alike are still encouraged to read if lead to do so!

If He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, you should be sure in the fact that royalty is in your bloodline. All Queens were and are not made the same. Some like dresses. Some like combat boots. Some like to wear their hair in ponytails, while some may enjoy curly fros. In the essence of the title, you will not be stripped of your royalty by someone else’s standard of what they think you should look like.

While I may have my own personal goals in the journey of this ministry, my ultimate one is that you are made aware or more clearly of God’s power, sweetness, care, discipline and sovereignty in our lives. I pray that my shared experiences permeate your hearts in some sort of way. I ENCOURAGE comments so that this not only remain my blog, but yours too.

Welcome to QueeninJeans =]


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