Red Lights With You..

Poem dedicated to underlying fears of rejection Impatience is my best attribute in situations like this I pick driver seats apart with stares of glaring disapproval Iā€™m disconnected from the feeling of the steering wheel underneath my fingers Or the sound of the muffled engine Matching the pace of my tapping index appendage Iā€™m sitting…Read more »

The Unexpected Happened: I Changed

I might regret posting this later. Or I might not. I’m in a weird place that completely caught me off guard. Usually, if there are changes happening in my life I can eitherĀ anticipate them or bring themĀ toĀ fruitionĀ myself. but THIS. I was not mentally prepared for. What’s Happening A little background maybe? I am currently doing…Read more »

Hey Christ. Bye Passion.

2 years ago. If you would have put me in an empty room with a boombox, I swear I could have danced for hours. When I heard music, I saw movement instantly. Figures would began moving in my head. I could tell you if it was a solo, duet, group choreo; it was high key …Read more »

The Irony

  I have heard some really great stories, read some awesome books, watched some amazing movies. But the plot would not be as engaging without a key ingredient. Irony. Good ole irony. And as entertaining as it is to see this term unfold in stories disconnected from us, it doesn’t always have the same amusing…Read more »