Meet Daje Morris! Versatile Artist


Daje Morris is an artist by the complete definition. With thought provoking spoken word pieces to a resounding, captivating voice, Daje seamlessly intertwines her passion of the arts to connect the people listening..reading…seeking. Here are a few words from Daje below:

“Healing cannot be done alone. Listen to the podcast interview Daje Morris did with Alex Lewis of Car Window Poetry on creating space for healing and connection through creativity. Next Show: February 23 at Bare Thred. “Nite of Joy: A Night of Creatively Celebrating Blackness””

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Meet Nadia Trenise! Founder of #NadiaTreniseBlog


Nadia Trenise is a gifted blogger who uplifts readers in her transparent accounts of her faith walk. She is honest and personable in her writing with relatable content. Here are a few words from Nadia below:

“A seed can only sprout into a flower when it’s shell is uncovered. Break the shell and #LetsTalkAboutIt”

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Meet Akina Terez! Founder of WhereYoEdgez


Akina Terez is a talented hair stylist with affordable pricing in the Knoxville, Tennessee area! She specializes in braiding from the popular box braids to the desired faux locs! Here are a few words from Akina below:

“I am here to Slay and Lay your Edgezzz !”

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