Unfinished Business

You ever watch Ted Talks? There is this one guy I cannot get out of my mind.  His name is Tim Urban, and he held a Ted Talk that was entitled “Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator”. I identify with being a procrastinator so my curiosity was peeked. What can he possibly tell me about…Read more »

The Roaming Heart

I was around 15 years old. I had bought this yellow blouse with black roses swirled at different angles. “Hmm very elegant”, I thought, “Yet casual enough to be worn with skinny leg jeans.” I felt like a Queen in it. I was surely the bomb.com. And get this, this blouse was so beautiful to…Read more »

To Be Fully Known

Have you ever looked someone in the eyes and… shuttered? Almost as if they were looking into your soul? Goodness, if you haven’t, let me tell you – What a naked and vulnerable feeling. The common immediate response is to look away. Drop the eye contact. Hide yourself again. Justify the disconnection you just made by running through the files of memories you’re convinced could surely scare anyone away. But maybe it didn’t happen like that for you? Maybe it was in the process of getting to know someone else. Thankfully, this is not an experience solely limited to romantic relationships either. The idea of being fully known can be a scary one. But in this season, the Lord has been challenging me to keep the eye contact and take deep breaths through the uncomfortable shutters.

The Unexpected Happened: I Changed

I might regret posting this later. Or I might not. I’m in a weird place that completely caught me off guard. Usually, if there are changes happening in my life I can either anticipate them or bring them to fruition myself. but THIS. I was not mentally prepared for. What’s Happening A little background maybe? I am currently doing…Read more »

Hey Christ. Bye Passion.

2 years ago. If you would have put me in an empty room with a boombox, I swear I could have danced for hours. When I heard music, I saw movement instantly. Figures would began moving in my head. I could tell you if it was a solo, duet, group choreo; it was high key …Read more »